Saturday, January 29, 2011

Windburn Six (or Three)

Windburn Six 2011 Champs, Jim and Jennifer. Photo by Kelly Gaines

Windburn Six is a six hour run held in a local park on a 2.28 mile loop. Run as many miles in six hours. Winner is the one with most miles.

Today the trails were covered in snow, around five inches worth. The wind was lightly blowing at the start and the temperature around 28F. And this was tons better than 2010 when we had a foot of snow, wind, cold and 5F. A few guys ran in shorts but they move so fast and are quicker than the wind.

I wanted to run more miles than I did at Windburn 2010. I had a thought of running a minimum of 16 miles (more than twice 2010) but in the end my schedule called for only 3 hours running and then drive home. The first loop was tough as the trail had not packed down. I mixed in run and walk on this loop but the goal was not to be lapped right away. Most of this loop was spent snow trekking with Anastasia. She finished the Javelina 100 and in three weeks is heading south for Ironhorse 100. As we approached the start/finish line I heard a call come up that the leader, Mr Jim O'Brien was coming in behind us. I've never sprinted so fast, as least not in last 10 years and succeeded in nipping Jim to the score sheet. Of course he had now done two laps to my one. Went out on another loop with Anastasia and by the time we hit the back half a nice packed down trail was found. So we got some good running in.

Short break and some Gatorade back at SF. Emptied the limestone out of my shoes; OK who gets limestone bits in their shoes when the trails are covered in snow, only me. After one final big loop, headed out with Kelly for a short loop then another short loop this time with "King of the Road" Juli.

Fun times. I was sad to leave early but as they say I'll be back

Jim went onto win the men's division and Jennifer A won for the ladies. That's them at the top with their new BFF "James The Turtle".

Thanks Brian and CHUGs for another fun day out.

Me at Windburn Six. Photo by Kelly Gaines


Chris said...

Hi Ian,

We had our own fat ass run yesterday in Mahomet, IL. It was 4-mile loops to total 28 miles on snowy trails--the 12th annual. I finished all 28 miles in 5:14. I ran the last ~100 meters in completely bare feet--it was freaky cold! Most people did 8-12 miles. Brian Kuhn and a new guy finished together (first) in just under 5 hours! At least it wasn't too cold. Good way to kick start the new year and get ready for spring. Kennekuk running club has their fat ass (28.4 miles) in 3 weeks on their Lake Mingo trail course. That's my next long run.

Connie said...

Great time with great people. Wish I could have shared a loop with you before you left. Now you know why I had my Dirty Girls on out there - I must admit, though, that I need a new pair. ;)

See ya soon mate! :-)