Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 has come to an end and overall it was a good year in running for me and this blog is all about running so this is what this article is all about.

Coming out of 2009 I logged a low 575 miles and run some races up to half marathon distance.

The Chicago Ultrarunner Group (CHUGs) had been formed at the start of 2009 and I was proud to become a member and meet many new friends.

In 2010 the CHUGs went from strength to strength under the leadership of Torey Jones and Brian Gaines. Those two and the rest of the CHUGs were a massive inspiration to me. Without them I am not sure I’d have hit most my goals in 2010.

I didn’t really set any goals in stone actually and if I didn’t make them it didn’t really matter but in an earlier blog report I had listed the following: Run a marathon, run a 50k, run a 50 mile, doing some biking, break 1000 miles running. I also have to add try something new.

I had not run a marathon or a 50k in over ten years. Never done 50 miles. My brand new mountain bike is seven years old and has 500 meters on it. My year older road bike as maybe 90 miles on it. Both have more dust on them than miles or me. In 2009 I ran, as mentioned, 575 miles.

Happy to report that of those five plus one goals I hit all but two.

In May I ran the Des Plaines River Trail marathon. I was slow, very slow but I placed top 40. Well 37th overall, hmmm out of 38 finishers.

In September I ran the Rock Cut HOBO 50. I was slow, very slow but I finished. I was a few time zones behind most people but it was great to be back in ultraland. I wrote a report on the race.

Sadly I never got to run a 50 miler. Guess that is one of my top running goals for 2011.

Sadly, also the bikes stayed locked up and gathering dust. My total bike miles was 11 miles as I was asked to do lead bike at the North Shore 5k race last June. I used a borrowed bike and although 5k is only 3.1 miles I prerode the course so I’d lead the runners the right way. Took out some course marshals then rode back to the start then biked to an important intersection where the 5k and half marathon went different ways. I wished my biking in Highland Park had got me to get the duster out. 2011.

Miles ran in 2009 was low, 575 miles. I knew I could top that and hoped for 1000. 1101.1 miles was hit.

And for something new. Nothing was planned but in August and September I took a six week introductory yoga course at a nearby studio. I can’t speak enough about how much I enjoyed the course and its benefits to running. Sadly I have not done any yoga since but that has to change in 2011.

The other something new was trying an orienteering meet and I am hooked. It combines my love off trail running with a treasure hunt and using ones brain. I’ll be back. Thanks Deanna.

In 2010 I did 7 races: CHUGs Windburn Six, Des Plaines River Trail marathon, CHUGs Sunburn Six, WORS Trail 5k, Naperville Trail half marathon, Rock Cut HOBO 50k and CAOC Palos Orienteering meet.

My favourite race. Tough decision. DPRT marathon meant a lot as it was me getting back to distance. Sunburn Six I hit my goal on the hottest day of the year. WORS 5k was run on mountain bike trails near Milwaukee and as to be the hardest 5k I’ve done.

But title for my favourite race of 2010 goes to the Rock Cut HOBO 50k.
Rock Cut is a state park near Rockford. The race is all trails besides half a mile paved at the very start. The rest is a nice mix of cross country, horse, hiking, mountain bike trails, a few river and creek crossings, some nice climbs and lots of CHUGs. As it is a two loop course with the second loop done in reverse I got to see lots of friends and the CHUGs had a large number of runners and many of them placed in the top ten including the female champ Sarah Jurgaitis. I had done the 25k twice before but never the full HOBO. Yes this was a goal race for me and no way was I not going to finish even if it took me forever, I had to get the finishers T shirt. Besides the course and great volunteers the best part of this race was the welcome I got at the finish. Waiting for me were CHUGs Kelly, Brian, Paige, Geof and Deanna plus Rockford runners Norm and Joyce and of course Larry the RD.

That welcome from the CHUGs meant the word to me. They are what have inspired me in the past 18 months and especially in 2010. Those guys rock. Thank you CHUGs, everyone of you.

So where will 2011 take me running wise. Not sure. I’ll have some goals but they are not set in stone. Hopefully a first 50 miler. Hopefully a few marathons and 50ks. Hopefully a duathlon. Hopefully some road and mountain biking. Hopefully an average of 100 miles ran each month.

Races I’d like to do to include Dances with Dirt 50k at Devil’s Lake, Des Plaines River Trail 50 mile, Fox Valley marathon or HOBO 50k, a spring marathon or 50k, Muncie Powerman Duathlon, four or five orienteering meets and Sunburn 6 or 12. I also hope to crew at Badwater, race or solo.

Thanks for reading and being there with me in 2010. Again CHUGs rock. Thank you friends.


Chris Ⓥ said...

Sounds like a pretty good year Ian. Glad you got in that marathon and 50K. Wishing you the best in 2011. Hey, you should try to post more often on this blog! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your year-end report with us. Congratulations on a great year! 2011 is a new year and you have so much to look forward do.

Kelly Gaines said...

What a great 2010 for you, Ian! I am very glad I got to see your return to ultras at Rock Cut! 2011 is going to be even better -- I look forward to cheering you on!