Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time to Train

I've not written much on my blog this year as I've not been up to much as it relates to running. I've I  been busy with work, school, home and life in general but the running as eluded me this year.

But I think that has all changed so time to write again.

This week I did my highest weekly mileage in at least 8 months. Sure it wasn't mega totals like my friends and fellow New Leaf Ultra Runs club members seem to do day in day out but I was happy to reach 25 miles for the week and felt great about getting those miles done.

This week I ran 2 miles Monday at the gym on a dreadmill (more on that in a second), Tuesday a 3.5 mile road run before work. Wednesday a group of us hit the hill trails of Green Valley and got in a good 8.5 miles. Saturday was 5.5 at McDowell - so nice to be back running there and today (Sunday) I went loopy with the club at our annual Sunburn run. Sure I only did 2 big loops and 2 small loops for 5.5 or so but it worked for me.

So what has got my motivation back besides my awesome running group and friends. Honestly it has to be signing up a few weeks ago for the Naperville Marathon. Living in Naperville I wanted to do this race but it sold out in around 12 hours so by the time I returned from work on sign up day it was too late. Luckily for me I work part time for one of the sponsors who supplied me with an entry. Thanks Clif Bar. I also have a marathon three weeks before which is now a long supported training run. Of course I need to do other training runs and I am now excited to be running again to get me to the finish of Naperville.

The gym. Back in December I joined Planet Fitness. Got a great deal, $99 for the full year paid in advance. That is a great deal but only if you use it. I did NOT. See I am shouting at myself there. Finally I went this week and now kicking myself for not going. Did some dreadmill running but mainly using the incline setting, rode the bikes, did some upper body machine lifts and tried to figure out the elliptical machine. This coming week I get to meet with a trainer there who will help create a program for me.  I do believe in cross training for running, it worked in the past for me.

I mentioned a few races I am signed up for but there are others. Drum roll please.

Back in May I ran Chicago's Soldier Field 10. Not having trained for it I suffered a little and the all road/paved trail was felt in my legs but I finished. Thanks again Clif Bar.

Today was   the New Leaf Sunburn 8 hour. This is not a race but a group run with picnic and BBQ where we all do as many 2.28 mile loops as we can, or as little. The gathering of friends is the best.

My next race is the Muddy Monk Near Sane Trail Half marathon in August. This was to be held at Deer Grove in Palatine but was moved to the Des Plaines River Trail in Vernon Hills. It'll mean less single track and more limestone but it'll still be good.

The following weekend I am running the Windrunner 10k on the limestone trails of Danada and Herrick in Wheaton. My friends are the RDs for this small but fun event. Last year I volunteered but this year I am happy to be running it.
Below is a photo of the actual T shirt, nice hey.

Currently nothing planned for September but might do either the Rock Cut HOBO night 10k or the North Face Endurance trail half marathon. Both are the same weekend and will depend on work.

October will see my first marathon at the Des Plaines River Trail Races in Vernon Hills. I've done this event every year (one marathon, two halves). It is staged by my good friends Ed and Terry. They also have a 50 mile. New Leafs will be out in force at DPRT.

Then onto what I guess is my A race for the year. The Naperville Marathon. I am excited to be doing this one.

Time to Train. Thanks for reading

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet Coach Tanya

            Tanya finishing the 2013 Chicago Lakefront 50k

My friend Tanya just changed careers from school educator to running Coach. Tanya is a great runner who can run to beat the best in her age group or just go out to have fun while inspiring all that know her and some that don't. She loves to run 5k to ultra's and even the odd relay. Tanya also has some degree in some type of fitness science but I totally forget what it is. But with her degree, running resume and career background plus being an all round nice friendly happy person she landed a dream job with Lifetime Fitness out of Romeoville to be their run coach. Part of her new dream job has her training people to run a marathon aiming for the fall ones and especially the Naperville Marathon which Tanya is also running.
If you are interested in joining a marathon training program lead by a wonderful person consider join Tanya's program.

               Tanya and I at the Sunburn 8 hour event in 2012.