Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet Coach Tanya

            Tanya finishing the 2013 Chicago Lakefront 50k

My friend Tanya just changed careers from school educator to running Coach. Tanya is a great runner who can run to beat the best in her age group or just go out to have fun while inspiring all that know her and some that don't. She loves to run 5k to ultra's and even the odd relay. Tanya also has some degree in some type of fitness science but I totally forget what it is. But with her degree, running resume and career background plus being an all round nice friendly happy person she landed a dream job with Lifetime Fitness out of Romeoville to be their run coach. Part of her new dream job has her training people to run a marathon aiming for the fall ones and especially the Naperville Marathon which Tanya is also running.
If you are interested in joining a marathon training program lead by a wonderful person consider join Tanya's program.

               Tanya and I at the Sunburn 8 hour event in 2012. 

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