Friday, March 9, 2012

New Road Shoes

Sure my blog is titled Running Off Road and I prefer to do most of my running on trails. But sometimes there is no time to head to the trails so I'll run on the roads around the neighbour
It was time for new road shoes.
Last year I spent six months volunteering in the Chicago office of the American Liver Foundation working on various aspects of their marathon, golf, and walk fundraisers. They surprised me with a really nice gift card to Universal Sole running store.
US are one of the top running stores in the Chicago area with expert staff. They are located in the Lakeview area of Chicago plus a small store in the Chicago Loop. I don't make it to Lakeview much these days even though I used to live there. This week I had a Crew meeting with Clif Bar to discuss the events for the up coming year. That meeting was scheduled to be within 2 miles of US so I had the opportunity to combine both into one trip especially as my work day was 4am to noon (special project). 
Was greeted at US by Jessica. I remembered Jessica from the Loop location when I visited with Joe from ALF. She asked me a bunch of questions about my running and checked out my foot plant. I tried on a few pairs of road shoes and decided to go with a pair of Nike Zoom Structure Triaxs (15). This was a surprise as I had not worn Nike's in around 15 years. I set my marathon PR in Nike's and the only time I've broken 4 hours in the marathon (I've done 9 marathons and 5 50ks). Back in those days I discovered Nike changed shoe design every six months, or so it seemed so I swore off Nike when the marathon replacement with the same model felt so different. Have to admit most running shoe companies seem to do the shoe design change way to often and quickly but Nike were the first one's they I came across.
Of course running shoes should NOT be purchased based on colour or price or model but by what works at the given time for what your goals and plans are.
I am happy with my purchase which thanks to ALF only cost me the tax. Now to see how they run not on a treadmill
Thanks ALF, Universal Sole and Jessica.

Photos copyrighted and borrowed from Nike and Universal Sole


Chris said...

Hope you like the new shoes. Most road shoes can be used for trails too. I've used racing flats on trail ultras.

Just got myself a pair of New Balance M730s--a great cheap minimal road shoe. Nice wide toebox and fairly little heel-to-toe drop (3mm).

Ian said...

So true Chris. My first 2 trail ultras (both Glacial 50k) I used road shoes. Now I just prefer using trail shoes on the trails but some trails don't really require them.