Monday, February 6, 2012

Back to the Trails

Photo of McDowell Forest Preserve (not taken by me)

Back to the Trails. I think I used that title or line a while ago but it works again today.
January started well with some good cold runs but then I came down with bronchitics. Some good prescription drugs and within a week or so it was all clear but for some unexplained reason I didn't feel like running. Work including some early mornings or late nights depending on my schedule didn't help so figured it was best to take a little break.
I ventured back to Naperville's McDowell Forest Preserve. This preserve is my closest preserve with a trail system. I guess I run there a lot each year. Plenty of limestone, dirt, grass and a little singletrack and ventures through woods, along the DuPage River, crosses prairies and around a lake. You can even link to the Illinois Prairie Path to the north along a stretch of paved trail and then through Warrenville and it's Glen preserve.  Today I kept it short and easy. From the parking area I crossed the river via the road bridge in the preserve and took the limestone trail that winds north towards Mud Lake. In half a mile I took the wide grass trail through the woods and out onto a small prairie crossing before rejoining the limestone trail. Almost at the north end of the preserve by Mud Lake the limestone trail follows the river and then under Diehl and the interstate towards Warrenville or turn to the west and run along the lake back to another stretch of grass trail. That was the route I took which lead me back to the first section of grass trail. Along here I saw a big deer stag staring at me as I ran by. Soon I was back at the parking area but decided to venture of trail for a small dirt section.
It was great to be Back to the Trails.
I've still got a lot of work to do but if everything goes to my thought plan I'll be ready for a 20k in Rockford in five weeks then maybe just maybe the Earth Day 50k in April.
Thanks for reading. Now time to plan my tomorrow run :-)
PS There is a 10k race held each April. Starts on the roads but middle section uses the McDowell Trails. 


kilax said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better and back to the trails!

I have never heard of the 20K distance. Very cool!

Chris said...

Trails are always great. Good to see you are back at it Ian.

Ian said...

Kim. a 20k is two 10ks LOL. There are not many 20ks out there and most tend to change to half marathons. The RnR half in Chicago used to be the Distance Classic 20k until it was sold to Bingham who changed it to a half then sold to RnR which I found sad. Was one of my favourite Chi races until it was sold. Oh well. The Rock Cut 20k is race 4 in their winter series 5k Dec, 10k Jan, 15k Feb and 20k Mar. Run all four and EARN the orange T shirt but you can run just one race as I'll be doing. $20and you get a bib #, marked trail race course, timing (old style), some aid and good finishers food

Ian said...

Thanks Chris

shabir said...

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