Friday, July 20, 2007

Double Day

Last Sunday (15th) I did my first double work out day in many many years. In the morning I went to Knoch Knolls park in Naperville and did 5 miles of trail running then later in the afternoon after running errands (well shopping at REI) I stopped at MT Hoy in Blackwell Forest preserve and meet up with Scott Jacaway and his wife Caryn who were doing hill repeats. They were already repeats ahead of me so I just joined in and got in a quick 10 I think. Scott finished up his 20 climbs in fine shape. Normally I hike up and down but training with Scott this time I started running down the steep hill and have decided even after Badwater I'll be back at Mt Hoy for hill training to get ready for the HOBO 25k.

Saturday was a no running no training day. Laura does volunteer work for the local chapter of First Book. These organization raise funds and supply book for children in less well off areas (Fox Valley and Aurora for this chapter). Jewel was hosting a NASCAR event due to the race at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet so First Book and Cheerios tied that event into a Speed Read to raise book donations. Celebrity and a YMCA kids took turns to read. In total over 10,000 book donation were "won" on the day and then at the race the next day another 11,000 books via laps doe by the Cheerios racer

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