Monday, July 30, 2007

Badwater summary

Back from an amazing experience crewing for Scott Jacaway at Badwater 135. I'll write a longer report soon but Scott finished in 51hr 33mins. All Illinois runners finished the 135 mile journey from Badwater (lowest point in western hemisphere) to Mt Whitney portals (trail head for the highest point in lower 48). Congrats to Scott, Nikki, Jerry, Brian and Tracy plus Bonnie from nearby IA (proud to say I know them all) and big congrats to female winner and friend Lisa Bliss of WA, formerly IL.

Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Chris Kostman, and Adventure Corp


Anonymous said...


Congratulations to you crewing your runner Scott Jacaway in finishing Badwater. What crazy conditions to run in. Nothing but respect for people who participate in that race. Great job!

I'm looking forward to reading more about your experience once you get your wireless router situation resolved.

Also, be sure to take a peek at the posting on my blog regarding the perfect crew, which I'm sure you saw from the ULTRA list. I'd love to get your take on the perfect crew based on your recent experiences at Badwater.

happy running,

Lisa B said...

Congratulations to Scott & his crew for a fabulous rookie race! And here he was worried about being in the 10 am start group!!!!

Phenomenal race. Great crew. Life-changing experience... yep.

It was great to see you there, Ian.