Monday, November 8, 2010


Finally completed another goal. 1000 miles plus for the year and still 7 plus weeks to go.

Took me 12 extra days as two weeks ago I injured my back right in the spot that sent me to ER 4 years ago. All feels better now and back to running.

Going to see how this week goes and might attempt to hit 31 miles on Saturday spread over 3 runs, one morning, one afternoon and then a night run. On Sunday I am signed up with a CHUG team to do an orienteering race. Never done an O so this will be interesting especially as the team captain has done a number and signed us up for immediate level. Hope I don;t get lost while bushwhacking around Swallow Cliffs trails in Palos

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Chris said...

Glad your back is OK...don't push it too much! Being healthy and injury free is WORTH A LOT. Enjoy. Have a good orienteering event.