Sunday, April 4, 2010

Run For Hope

On April 19th Lisa Smith Batchen is setting out on a fundraising project to run 50 miles in 50 states over 62 days Monies raised will be donated to orphan group at home and aboard (see under project link).

Although I've not yet meet Lisa I've chatted with her via email and Facebook plus I've seen her at the Badwater race a few times (including being in the next door hotel room in Lone Pine 2008). I can't wait to meet her on May 23rd when she comes to Chicago for the Illinois run. She is open to folks running with her and volunteering in other ways. The website has full details including varies links to sign up for volunteering/running. I'll have to volunteer as I'll be running a marathon day before.

Other city sites that might be off interest to my friends near them or local to Chicago (check web to confirm)

April 19 Trenton NJ (that is the first event - I don't know anyone there)
April 25 Freeport ME
May 21 (Fri) Des Moines IA (driving distance from Chicago)
May 23 (Sun) Chicago IL
May 24 (Mon) South Bend IN (almost a burb of Chicago)
May 26 (Wed) Grand Rapids MI (close enough)
May 28 (Fri) Green Bay WI
June 8 Phoenix (close to you Steve)
Jun 10 LA
June 19 Jackson Hole WY (Last day and one of my favourite places)

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