Sunday, October 25, 2009

North Face

I don't do many race. I do attend many races to work, volunteer or crew and sometimes pace but a large number of CHUGS were attending the North Face Endurance Challenge and I wanted to be there. The North Face EC offers 4 distances: 50 mile, 50k, half marathon and 10k all on trails. There are four regional races in NY, WA, DC and WI plus the series championship race in CA. The WI was in my backyard being held at Ottawa Lake in Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine. While ago I had hoped to do the 50k but as the year went by that became the half marathon and closer to race day I knew it would be a slow half marathon. This actually played into my schedule well because the week after I was going to Phoenix to crew and pace my friend Steve for a loop at the Javelina 100 so time on my feet on trails would be good.

Going into race morning i also had another objective: to beat my friend Mary Gorski. Mary is a many time 100 miler finisher and Badwater vet plus also talented at triathlon, mountain climbing, cross country skiing and all around lovely person. Oh I should add Mary was the sweeper for the half so I had to stay ahead of her and the cut off.

More to come................

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