Saturday, June 20, 2009

CHUGs Chicago to Milwaukee Beer Run

From an idea for a long run for his birthday Chicago's Badwater bound Adrian Belitu dreamed up a run from Chicago to Milwaukee with a beer at each end. He posted the idea to the Chicago Ultrarunner (CHUG) group and the idea took off.

June 19th 14 group members gather at Goose Island in Chicago to celebrate with Adrian and two belated birthdays (Geof and Kelly) with a fun cake made by CHUG chief Torey - "Best Energy Bar Ever".

After a beer, cake, a short weather delay and waiting for Brian to change into his running costume; oh yeah they decided to make it a costume run, 6 took off along Sheffield Ave towards Fullerton and then onto the Lakefront towards Milwaukee. 4 others would drive cars for crewing and too run segments of the route sharing driving with 4 of the original 6 who would also be running segments only. Two had decided to run the full way.

So from a little idea another North America 100 was born. As I write this they are still headed to Water St in Milwaukee. I'll update sometime tomorrow when I hear anything.

For now here is the start line photo:

Back Row: Brian, Gary, Jim, Adrian, Tony

Front Row: Kelly, Paige, Torey

Photo stolen from Adrian's camera

UPDATE: They finished in 23:51 with Jim running the full distance and Tony getting in 70+ for his distance PR. I'll add some links to any reports the CHUGs write.


Jason said...

So who all made the full run?

(And Torey needs to be carting two gigantic steins of beer. Not for the outfit, just thinking general CHUG needs). :) - Jason

AmyMaggie said...

Wow, that is quite a long run. So, who made it to the end?