Monday, January 19, 2009

Chicago area trail races

My 2009 schedule is here: but thought I'd supply a list of Chicago area trail races. By area I've included Chicago and burbs, central IL, southern WI and NW IN. Some are dirt, some limestone. Some are not confirmed so check first. If you know others let me know, any distance.

Chicago area: Channahon 25k (4/11) think mostly limestone and flat Website not updated but 2009 dates are 8k (6/6) 10k (7/11) 12k (8/8) part limestone part single track dirt.

Universal Sole put on two trail races Rock N Sole around 5 miles one in July (Palos) and November (Schiller Woods) but US is under new management so not sure if they will happen in 2009. Both events were on single track, wide grass and if on limestone it was non maintained so "dirt"

Spring Ahead 10k (4/19) Naperville part road part trail (5k all road)

Equestrian Connection Trail races 5m, half marathon and full marathon May 3rd, limestone mostly I think

Run for the Cops Swallow Cliff of Palos (6/7) Trail is limestone but not maintained so more like dirt in places and not flat

Jim Brimm Events holds the Cross Country Challenge in Gilberts 5 miles in December
2008 details

Windruners (Lisle) 10k (8/30) limestone trails Danada FP.

Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 mile in July at Waterfall Glen all limestone 2009 TDA 2008 info

Rockford: Rockford Road runners hold 2 series of trail races plus another trail race all on dirt single and wide track
Winter Series 5k, 10k (both done) 15k (2/21) 20k (3/21)
HOBO series 10k (9/18) 25k (9/19) 50k (9/20)
plus Fall Classic 4m (9/26) in near by Caledonia IL

Danville area Lake Mingo 7.1 mile (6/13), Howl At The Moon 8hour (8/8) Wild Wild Wilderness 7.55 (9/23)
Champaign area Clinton Lake 30 (3/28 - sold out), Buffalo Trace 5m (5/16), Allerton Park 5.5 (10/25) Buffalo Trace 7 day trail (5/24-30 TBC)

Near Peoria or thereabouts
Pekin, Il (4/10-12) 50,100,150 miles
nr Peoria (10/17) 8 and 33 miles

Wisconsin near or short drive from Chicago:

WORS series (held with their MTB series)
Bear Trax 20k plus 5k (4/26) Delafield WI
Ice Age Trail 50k,50m (5/9)
Kettle Moraine 100k 100m (6/6-7)
Blue Mound Trail (6/6) 15+k, 6+k TBC
Dances With Dirt 50k 50m (7/11)
Devil Lake's Lake Half marathon (10/24)
Glacial Trail 50k 50m (10/11)
North Face Kettle Moraine (10/24)

Indiana near Chicago:
Foot Pursuit 5k (3/7) Valparsio
Xtreme 12k (5/27) Portage all dirt mountain bike trails with river and creek crossing 2008 info:
Cedar Creek 5k (6/21) Fort Wayne IN surface - no idea
No 2009 details but in 2008


Chris Ⓥ said...

Thanks for the heads-up about all the trail races in the area. I'll have to try one of these!

denalifc said...

Sadly the best one is sold out. I am looking for some info on a 7 day trail event and once I have that info I'll be posting so check back often. Thanks, come again

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

This is a nice list! I wrote a bunch of these down on my personal calendar. I'd love to know the definite date for the Lisle one through Danada in August because I run there often (and ride my horse through there sometimes as well.) That's cool your wife's birthday is the day after mine!

Unknown said...

Whoa! This can be helpful to all the runners out there! Knowing which road to take during a bond with nature can help them enjoy the experience of working out even more. It even says what the road is made of: gravel or limestone.

Megan Payne