Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Long weekend into the next week

Sep 1st: Saturday I hit Palos for a 11 mile trial run. Palos is an awesome Cook County forest preserve near Willow Springs. There are miles and miles of mountain bike trails - single, wide, limestone and basically no paved. Today I knew would be a busy day with bikers practising for next weekend's CAMBR MTB race. Knowing the course they would be doing I ran that loop in the opposite direction which was actually the normal flow direction for most. CAMBR is holding their race in the other direction deemed tougher by most. Come race day it is going to be tricky if non bikers on the trails even though the trails will be open to all. I know how to listen for the bikes so hear them coming and if in a narrow section step of trail, it worked fine. Palos has a number of good hills so my 11 miles was a good work out and got to see some fine biking action.

Sep 2nd: Sunday took a break and ran errands with Laura and caught up on reading the papers.

Sep 3rd: Monday - Labour Day. Got up early and headed to Knoch Knolls in Naperville. Like Palos it is all trails, wide, narrow some lime service roads but no paved. Unlike Palos it is flat but the single track is very narrow in places and twisty although visibility is good for seeing others on the trails. To get in my planned 10 miles I had to run my course I do twice although second time around I did in reserve making it feel like different trails. I love running at KK and being on the single track seems to work for me. I often see deer within the trees and that was the case this time. Also unlike Palos I only saw 3 bikers and 2 other trail runners. Unlike Palos the mosquitoes were biting bad.

So over the long weekend I tallied 21 miles all on trails. 18 days to Rock Cut HOBO 25k.

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