Saturday, May 16, 2020

Carpe Diem 100 mile challenge

This year is definitely different. After completing my degree in February I was looking forward to getting some normality back into my life. COVID19 changed all that. I am still working and just got back into running but all the events I had hoped to attend are one by one being cancelled or postponed. Concerts and sports are doing likewise. Life really is strange

But in it's place running races have turned to virtual events and bands are performing online while the German Bundesliga just restarted the season even if it was without fans

My friend Colleen runs Carpe Diem events putting on a number of races in the Chicago North Shore area. I help her when I have time but especially at her popular Winnetka-Glencoe Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. Colleen is also an ultra runner and is currently doing a virtual run across Tennessee, an event put on by the legendary Laz of Barkley Marathons fame.

Colleen decided it would be fun to have a virtual event with an attainable goal for kids, family and other runners and reward their effort with a sweet T shirt, a medal and some mileage bonus prizes for the kids. She created the Carpe Diem 100 mile challenge to run and walk over 3 months. It all starts Monday June 1st. I am signed up and looking for the challenge to motivate me back to running regularly as my goal for 2020 is pacing my buddy Steve at the Javelina 100 in Arizona over Halloween. Will you join me?