Wednesday, October 20, 2010

18 miles to go

I set some goals this year and getting close to completing some of them.
Some of course are still gathering dust

With 2.5 months still go this year currently I stand at:

1/. Run a marathon after 10 year break. Done in May, even if really slow
2/. Run a 50k after 10 year break. Done in September, even if really slow
3/. Run a 50 mile. This would be a first. It can wait to 2011
4/. Remove the dust of my unused Gary Fisher mountain bike. It's still dusty. I want to ride
5/. Run a 1000 miles by year end. 2009 total was 547 miles. Well 18 miles to go to 1000 miles and still over two months left on the year.

Three out of five with time still remaining is not bad. Maybe I have time to add number 4?

And if it snows enough maybe I'll try my hand (or feet at XC ski or snowshoeing - REI rents)